Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Reading Regrets || 1

The reading regrets series is a series of posts where I tell some of my biggest, as the name suggests, things I regret that are book related. 

 Warning This post refers to Catching Fire, the Hunger Games book two DONT READ THIS IF YOU HAVNT READ THAT.  

We've all had it- You're reading enjoying the book and then bam you think ooh I wonder what happens at the end? You have a look and boom. Book. Ruined.  So I've done it a few times haven't we all? You have a sneaky look just to see but none as monumental as what happens when you flick to the end of The Hunger Games Catching Fire.

Yup. I actually did this. 

It was a cold winters night in 2012, Kim was reading the second installment of the Hunger Games Trilogy as was "the series" to read in such a year leading up to the movie adaptations release in a few months time. 
Curious as to how Katnis and Peeta would get out of the arena together and alive because they had to for MockingJay Kim curiously opened to the back of the book. The last line. 

"Katnis, there is no District Twelve" 

From there the world came crumbling around her. She propelled the book across the room in disgust. She had lost her page and for once she did not care. The book was spoiled. Ruined. She had Eradicated all elements of suprise. Of suspense. The dramatic climax no longer existed. She had played god with the plot's progression and now she had been scared. There was nothing more this book had to offer her. (I mean there's Finnick and on the whole a pretty good story but details details!) 

Moral: Never skip to the end of a book. Ever. 

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