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City of Fallen Angels Review

City of Fallen Angels so we're on the same page is book 4 in the Mortal Instruments series that I've been reading and reviewing for a while now but alas we have reached the penultimate book in the series (potentially so far I've heard). If you haven't read the other series reviews you can find them here:
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Any who now were up to speed lets get started!

In the fourth instalment everything is fine and dandy for everyone but considering how that makes pretty dull reading some creepy stuff starts happening across New York. Mysterious deaths of Shadow hunters keep happening and this threatens the new bond between the Shadow hunters and Downworlders. Also Jace is acting weird towards Clary, Simon isn't sure which way to turn and there is a fair few important revelations.  

Favourite Character: Simon (well what did you expect) Isabelle and Jordan/Kyle. I love how Jordan overcomes his past behaviour in the hope that he will one day be reunited with the girl he loves to make sure she's happy. He's one of those characters who in real life you would think of as being a bit creepy in the way that what he's doing comes under the stalking radar but in book world you can't help but love.

What I liked: In this book the story and it's characters really develop to make us really quite attached to them. Isabelle for example finally comes into her own. We find out why she is the way she is and see her more as a person in some really cute scenes (thing actually sitting on the sofa "awww"-ing at parts and your parents looking at you like you've lost it.) Magnus and Alec's relationship in this book is soooo perfect too! I love them together and they fight and they're so different but I love that! also liked the religious themes in the book I think it really helped to tie the gap between the fantasy novel and the whole this could actually happen realms.

What I didn't like: It was a tad predictable at the end I mean I liked the ending but it was obvious from the last book that something was going to happen (if you have read it you'll know what I'm talking about!) With that aside there is a part in this book which I think is the weirdest thing I have ever read. You have been warned.

Favourite Quotes:

1. As long as I can still dream, I will dream of you.

2.You're just worried they'll hire a male instructor and he'll be hotter than you."
Jace's eyebrows went up. "Hotter than me?"
"It could happen," Clary said, "You know, theoretically."
"Theoretically the planet could suddenly crack in half, leaving me on one side and you on the other, forever and tragically parted, but I'm not worried about that either. Some things," Jace said, with his customary crooked smile, "are just too unlikely to dwell upon.”  

3. “But I watch my brothers give their hearts away and I think, Don’t you know better? Hearts are breakable. And I think even when you heal, you’re never what you were before.”  

4. “I think she just asked if she could touch my mango.”

5. "Love is a contradiction,"

6. “Well, I guess I'll see you around. You're the first Shadowhunter I've ever met."
"That's too bad,"said Jace, "since all the ones you meet from now on will be a terrible letdown.”

what can I say this book is a quote goldmine!
Rating: I give this book 4 stars! Although I prefer City of Ashes I am excited to see what happens in the final book city of lost souls so keep your eyes pealed!

What do you think of how Jace comes across in this book compared to the previous instalments?

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