Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Fault in our Stars

Okay so I don't think I've mentioned on here about my Nerdfighter status probably because I read all of John Greens books before starting this blog I think I must have read it in February/March time maybe before that. Anyway I think it was before it was announced that it would be made into a movie but if not it hadn't been cast. Now the making of the film is fully underway though I am so excited! 

Every time a vlog from the set pops up in my subscription feed or an Instagram picture pops up from Ansel Elgort swoons I might be a little obsessed or John or Shaileene Woodley who I also love she seems so fun and quirky I have a mini heart attack in the sixth form centre at lunch! Excited doesn't begin to cover it! 

The reason for my sudden burst of tfios movie excitement? The last of my bestie Amigas finally got round to reading it and she loves it too of course! This means we've all read it and can swoon over the adorableness that is Ansel together, but hands off ladies- he's mine...

Which book to movie releases are you looking forward to coming out soon? The other Shailene and Ansel realise Divergent which I loved and reviewed a while ago comes out in march 2014 (and Allegiant next month guys!) and of course there's Catching Fire in November!! Excitement doesn't come close guys! 

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