Thursday, 26 September 2013

October reading list: School V.S Life

There is a battle being fought for literary supremacy on the bedtime reading front every evening on my bedside table. Academic Kim knows that she has a bunch of books that she should be reading in order to stay ahead in her AS English literature but other Kim needs to read supernatural and dystopian fiction in order to stay happy.
Here's the lowdown for the next month...

New Selected Poems- Carol Ann Duffey
Selected Poems- Sheenagh Pugh
The Great Gatsby- F. Scott. FitzGerald
I am studying all three of these books for A-level English Literature which I am loving right now! I read Gatsby about a year ago now, remember when the film was meant to come out? THEN DIDN'T UNTIL JUNE!!!!! Well it was then that I read it so its die for a re-reading. The poems are good too but I have to say I'm a novels kind of girl through and through.

Tender is the night F. Scott. FitzGerald
The Beautiful and Damned-  F. Scott. FitzGerald
As two books that are also set in the 1920s and by the same author I think they would be good to read.

Allegiant (divergent book 3)- Veronica Roth 
Ermergerd you guys! I'm freaking out over this like actually freaking the hell out I'm so excited! Especially with that Insurgent Cliffhanger! If you liked the Hunger Games and haven't read this- although I'm sure that's unlikely- READ IT ! Obviously I don't own it though... 22 days...

Vampire academy- Richelle Mead 
The whole series as a whole! I have heard high praise from friends so I have expectations to be lived up to! Its also been a while since I've read a purely vampire series.

I am number four- Pattacus Lore 
I haven't finished this since my Holliday over a month ago (thanks mortal instruments series!) but I was really enjoying it. I was also at the library the other day and saw another Patticus Lore book about number eight? Is it a series? Can anybody shed some light on this? 

What will you be reading to pass the cold autumn nights?

Kim x

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